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iPhone 6/6 Plus phone cases with Lightning charging line

iPhone 6/6 Plus, due to its fuselage with outstanding cameras and ultra-thin easy to bend, so it is a matter of course to use a phone case. But what kind of iPhone 6/6 Plus protection case do you want? Recently, there is a phone case with thin shell body, with Lightning charging line, at the same time it is also with hidden bracket, which appeares on the Kickstarter, let us have a look and see if it is your love.

This phone case launched by Acme Made has a very sophisticated design, there is a short Lightning wire built-in the case,  which can not only meet your need for charging the mobile phone at any time, at the same time it can also help you solve the problem of equipment connection for data synchronization at the first time. It avoids the trouble of extra carry, and it also help you get rid of the trouble not finding it, and what’s more is that it just hides in the thin case body.

As a general rule, functional protection case generally will have only one particular emphasis on practical features, such as fall off, pressure-resistant? or camera enhancement and so on, but the Acme protection case is not satisfied with those. Besides the built-in Lightning wiring, acme has a flexible stent, and the adoption of carbon fibre material not only makes it very thin and also very strong, such a clever design is really a surprise.
Acme protection cases are designed for Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus, it is with thin shell, the new iPhone will only be 14 mm thickness with it, the overall design and the fuselage is elegant and with smooth lines. Acme has black and grey two styles?for you, and the phone case is in financing phase currently, and it is expected to be delivered in march next year.