iPhone 6

Video of “Destroy the iPhone 6 ” we have seen many, and the video publishers enriched the pouch because of the high clicks.

From the news in which a netizen had all sorts of ways to abuse the iPhone 6, they do this is purely for fun? There are other reasons?

Over the weekend the column ‘problems are coming’ shows many videos who abuse the iPhone 6, they all come from the foreign net friends’ “the masterpiece”, and they are in the video posted on YouTube.

Indeed, we can rarely see this kind of practice in China, why the foreign net friends are so keen to “destroy” the iPhone 6? Besides few people for the fun of it, actually more can get more benefits from it.

Such as the hot iPhone 6 falling video last week, the photographer sent the iPhone 6 with part protection shell to an altitude of 10000 feet, and made it natural fall. Although it had experienced severe impact, the fixed mobile devices hadcompletely damaged, but the iPhone itself was almost intact, and this was because of the protection shell.

In fact, this video is just produced by some iPhone accessories manufacturers, the aim is to show the parts quality, and improve product visibility. While the audience was attracted by this novel form, and they watched the ads unconsciously.

More of the authors obtain benefits through YouTube video advertising, if the traffic is high enough, the advertising share is more, pay is not the problem completely, which may be even enough to buy several iphone 6.

YouTube has attracted many professional video makers, who specially make videos on YouTube. According to a survey, YouTube video network reds, the top 20, advertising earning are more than $1 million a year. And that doesn’t include the YouTube collecting 45% of income.

Because of the iPhone 6’s ultra high attention, thus creating a special video business to abuse the iPhone 6. Income depends on the user watching the video advertising revenue sharing, so the more people watch, the more the income.

The YouTube partner program launched by Google, are for revenue sharing of those who publish videos.

YouTube uses “revenue sharing” system, this system allows the user to insert advertisements in the video released. Ads can appear at the beginning of video, video images and video at the bottom of the end.

But , not all people can participate in YouTube partner program. YouTube makes some standards for those who want to participate in the plan. Such as the video must be original, be suitable for the vast number of YouTube users, and they have to regularly publish new video and so on.

If you upload one or more video with very high hits, such as electric shock the iPhone 6 and shot the iPhone, the YouTube will find you, invite you to the partner programme, participate in revenue sharing. And what you have to do is, to find a way to grab the audience’s attention, let them to click on the video. So, money is rolling in.