Apple Company

Apple’s market capitalisation is of $710.7 billion, With 506 times growth since on public

Apple shares closed at $122.02, up 1.9%. It makes the manufacturer has become the first market value of over $700 billion U.S. companies with the iPhone and iPad.

Apple, headquarters in cupertino, California, its market value in November last year and the intraday trading last week briefly topped $700 billion, but failed to continue to close. And calculated at Tuesday’s closing price, Apple’s market value is of $710.7 billion.

Investors usually measured a company worth by market value.  Market value or market capitalization, Method is calculated by multiplying the stock price multiplied by the company’s outstanding shares. Apple issued 5.82 billion shares.

In companies in the s&p 500 index, Apple’s market value is almost twice the value of three other big companies. Exxon mobil’s market capitalization is about $385 billion, second only to Apple; Berkshire – hathaway with two kinds of stock with the value of $370 billion, NO.3; Microsoft the fourth,  $349 billion.

Less than two weeks ago, Apple released the holiday quarter. The company has the revenue of $746 billion during the period, the profit is $18 billion. Good performance is the result of the apple iPhone smartphone sales grew by 46% in the quarter. This product is apple’s share price in recent years, the main reason for the rally. In January 2007, Apple chief executive Steve jobs unveiled the iPhone for the first time, the prevailing market value of company was $76 billion.

Analyst believes that, Apple shares may still be upside. Investment bank Barclays analysts forecast this week, Apple shares may rise to $150.

“We think that, people have not yet been fully noticed a few quarters of large free cash flow recently— that is how much money will be made after deducting the capital expenditure— and what does this mean for future cash generation” Barclays analysts forecast this.

Besides, Apple’s chief executive, cook announced today, the company makes cooperation agreement with the First Solar, it will spend around $848 million in monterey county, to built a solar power plants covering an area of 1300 acres, to provide power supply for the company headquarters, data centers and all apple offices in California and 52 apple stores.