Apple Company, iPhone 6s

Market supervision and management bureau of Nan jing will release the latest news about interview with “Apple”

Recently, Mr. Fan, an Apple consumer, spent 948 Yuan to replace a new iPhone 6s’ display screen in an after-sales maintenance point authorized by Apple Store in Nan Jing. After that, Mr. Fan wanted broken screen from the maintenance point, but was rejected. After investigation, Yangzi Evening reported that Mr. Fan was informed of a puzzling result by the point that he must pay more than 6000 Yuan for maintenance if he wanted his broken screen back.
“we have interviewed with Apple dealers and carried out investigation”. A person of market supervision and management bureau in Nan Jing told the reporter yesterday that they took this incident very seriously and had interviewed with relevant person in charge of Apple Store and asked questions about whether Apple’s act that they “recycled” the broken screen was in accordance with the relevant regulations and whether they had issued receipts rather than issue invoices for maintenance. The bureau would release the latest news about the findings.