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Hot Sales of iPad Pro in Taiwan: Sales May Be Better if Apple Pencil Was Not in Short Supply

In 2015, the data shows that the whole laptop sales dropped 2015 in Taiwan. But the sales of Apple’s Mac computer was not affected. According to the Data Express, a store running the Apple products, the sales of Mac series had an double-digit increase, which was surprising. This is reasonable if we think about it. After all, previously there were reports saying that the sales of Mac series was increasing against the market trend.
While the sales of iPad Pro (another new product of Apple in this year) of the first two weeks before release was greater than expected in Taiwan. Moreover, the hot sales of iPad Pro promoted the popularity of iPad Pro in the market of mainland, China. Data Express also expressed that over 50% of iPad Pro consumers choose Apple Pencil. If the Apple Pencil was not out of stock, the preceding rate would reach 70%.

Short supply of Apple Pencil becomes the difficulty of global Apple stores currently. As one of the highlights of iPad Pro, Apple Pencil may be a reason to buy the iPad Pro. It seems that Apple needs to solve the supply problem of the Apple Pencil.


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