iPhone Case

The most expensive iPhone case in history. Is the brain of the rich filled with water?

Any item, once inserted with jewelry and gold, becomes immediately upmarket and classy luxury. Phones are no exception. Apart from its amazingly high price, the expensive phones and accessories have won the acclaim for its beautiful look and exquisite process.

1.The most expensive iPhone diamond case

This might be the most expensive iPhone 6 diamond case, which costs over 48.5 million US dollars(about 300 million RMB). This iPhone 6 has a storage space of 128GB, with a pink diamond at the back. If seen only from the price, this phone case, with 5 year guarantee,  seems to be made of extraterrestrial materials. If you think 48.5 million US dollars is too high a price, you can choose the cheaper orange diamond version, which costs 42.5 million US dollars(about 260 million RMB). Besides, you can also buy the blue version with 32.5 million US dollars(about 200 million RMB).

2.Jewelry iPhone 5 case

Continental Mobiles is a British design company, good at making luxury and diamond material phone. This company designed a jewelry -edged iPhone 5, a tailored phone, which is decorated with precious jewelry at the edge. Meanwhile, it is a limited edition product with only 10 types of products around the world. The body of the phone is surrounded by diamond, even the same with the logo and push buttons. This tailored phone costs 106,000 US dollars(about 650,000RMB).
3.Crocodile smart-phone

100% Italian process, this luxury smart-phone has unrivaled glory, with a 19k rose gold. Its back case is made of crocodile skin from Mississippi. Besides, this phone uses diamond as decoration. At present, this limited edition product is only sold 50 around the world, at the price of 120,000 US dollars(about 74,000RMB).
4.Dragon and spider-shaped iPhone cases

The dragon and spider shaped iPhone case, invented by Anita Mai Tan, may be one of the most expensive phone cases. This phone case is encrusted with diamond, ruby, sapphire, jade and tsavorite, which consist the dragon and spider shape at the back of the case.

It takes 16 months to hand-make this dragon and spider iPhone case, with the dragon made of 2200 diamond(weighing 32 k) and the spider of 2800 black diamonds(weighing 38 k). Besides, this phone case can be used as necklace, costing 880,000 US dollars(about 5.4 million RMB).

5.iPhone case that costs millions of US dollars

This iPhone case is made by Alchemist London in 7 months and in two. Its back board is made of 24 k gold and the upper is covered by 700 independent diamonds. Over 50 jewelries makes the Apple logo. The navigation button is made of 24 k gold with a diamond at the center.

This tailored iPhone costs 1 million US dollars(about 6.14 million RMB). Before the appearance of the sky-high priced iPhone of Falcon, it was the most expensive iPhone.


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