iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

Analyze shows that over half of the iPhone 6 users are used to be Android users

The hot selling of iPhone 6 is a fact without doubt. While this time situation has changed since most of the iPhone 6 users are used to be Android phones users. According to the Citi Research :Only about 20% iPhone owners updated their phone to iPhone6 or iPhone6 plus, another 50% iPhone 6/6 plus users come from other operating system, most of whom are Android users . Sounds astonishing, isn’t it ? Why does iPhone6’s market so different from its precursors? What is hidden behind its hot selling?
As is known to all ,innovation has become the biggest challenge for smartphone vendors in modern market, even for Apple. Though adding a new phone every year, it’s not easy to make it innovative each time. Seen from its release, the big screen seemed to be the only thing that impressed people a lot. Apple had long been concerned about the introducing of big screen, considering it would impact Ipad’s market. Truth is, the sales of iPad had slipped before iPhone6’s release, influenced by Android’s big screen’s impact.
Oddly enough, why does Apple feature its new product with a big screen? Does add insult to injury? Apple is wise enough to know that the sales of iPad and iPhone means a lot to its revenue, profit and stock price, but it’s more important to enhance their sales than seeing Android encroach on its market. Most importantly, iPhone 6 has got no innovation, only a big screen. Later news has proved that the big screen is surely make iPad’s sales go down (Apple CEO cook has admitted that, too.),whereas it has prevented Android’s sales’ going up, and has hidden the empty space of Apple’s innovation, leaving a one year or longer term for new innovations.