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Problem comes before the releasing of iPhone 8: shortage in supply of flash memory

It is only two months before Apple’s autumn news conference, but it seems Apple meet some problem. The new iPhone is faced with the problem of NAND flash memory supply shortage. It is known that Apple has been applied with new flash memory–3D NAND flash memory since iPhone 7, which breaks the limitation of 2D or flat NAND flash memory by putting the memory particles together.

It is said that the 3D NAND flash memory supplies: SK Hynix and Toshiba, have a low qualified rate of the products, which leads to 30% lower in production than expected. Apple has to put Samsung into its flash memory suppliers as Samsung has a relatively higher qualified rate for the production of the flash memory. It is known that Apple uses 48-layer NAND flash memory in iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 will be equipped with 64-layer flash memory, which means it can store more data with the same space.

It is unavoidable to ask Samsung for help at the emergency moment. Although Samsung will raise the price, Apple has to accept it. However, it doesn’t matter as Apple is so rich. If other cellphone manufacturer meets this issue, the supply of cellphones must be greatly influenced.


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